Impure Influence ~ Lennon Carlyle ~

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Rules. Always rules. He thought to himself.


Second…..No anal.

They sat together at the bar drinking bourbon. He sat above her on the bar stool looking down as she blinked. Her eyelashes long and her skin had a slight glow. As she caught him looking at her she grinned and winked at him. She inhaled his cologne as he put his arm on her chair and leaned in to her ear….”I can’t wait to show you what your body can do.”

She brought the glass of bourbon to her full pouty lips and guzzled it. As she put the glass down she said “Let’s have one more shall we?”

After her third drink she reached over and put her hand on his cock, it was hard as a rock. She massaged it as she began licking his earlobe.

As he leaves cash for the bartender he turns to her and begins kissing her holding her face slowly consuming her mouth slightly teasing her.

He pulls away and whispers “I’m going to fuck you barbaric style and you’re going to take it. I want to own you.”

To be continued….



Raw Business

He finally agreed to see her after numerous e-mails and voice mails. If she landed this account, she might win the trip to Maui. Rumor was that he was a tough negotiator. She had confidence that she would have him sign the agreement and be on the way to a strong partnership.

She arrived ten minutes earlier than her appointment and applied a little mascara and shimmering lip gloss. Sophie had long dark hair and ocean eyes with flawless skin. Makeup wasn’t her thing actually. She preferred the minimal. As she checked her bag to make sure she had the agreement and brochure she adjusted her white crisp collar and pearls. Stepping out of the car she adjusted her tight pencil skirt and the strappy sling back heels.

As she opened the door to the building surprisingly no secretary greeted her. No one was there at the counter or the desk.


No response.

She wondered over to the side door to open it and walk into the back but it was locked.

Bending over the counter with her ass in the air she saw a bell and hit it ringing for someone. Instantly an attractive older guy with black rimmed glasses and great hair opened the door as she looked out of place bent over with a shocked look….

“You must be Sophie.” In a very deep voice.

It startled her and she almost lost her grip. He immediately grabbed her hios with both hands from behind and caught her.

She balanced herself standing up and flipped her hair as she smiled.

“You startled me. Yes I’m Sophie. You must be Dez.”

He looked at her as if his cock were already deep inside of her. She immediately felt herself getting wet. His dark brown eyes, spiked hair and goatee were tempting.

He shook her hand and locked eyes with her. She got chills just standing in his presence. He then led her to his office and explained that he was the only one there since they were hosting an event downtown and he allowed everyone to work the event.

She took out the agreement and brochure and walked up to him so closely she could feel his breath on her lips. She reached behind him and laid them on his desk and whispered in his ear…..

“You’re attracted to me I can feel it.”

She gently brushed her hand across his cock and it was rock hard. He grabbed a fist full of hair and bit her bottom lip and began kissing her slowly. She couldn’t wait to feel his wet tongue lap up her pussy.

His kisses were wanting….she broke free and unzipped his pants slowly lowering to her knees. His cock was quite lengthy and smooth as she licked it watching his face as she teased him swirling her tongue around the head of his cock. His precum was light and sweet as she sucked as if her life depended on it.

He grunted and fucked her pouty lips grinding while pushing her head into his sweet thick cock.

He grunted and picked her up and bent her over the desk hiking her skirt up he took his knee spreading her legs. He fingered her wet pussy and mounted her. Her first gasp made him harder and he began slowly fucking her.

She unbuttoned her blouse as he slid his fingers over her nipple he noticed her watching him fuck her in the mirror.

“Fuck me hard and fast Dez…..yes like that….please fuck my wet cunt…”

She was begging for it. He fucked harder….faster and deep as she gripped his dick and whimpered cumming screaming he held her hair and pumped biting the back of her neck. She yelled out “you fuck me like no one ever has!”

The Son’s Friend

Emily looked herself over in the mirror. It had been three months since her divorce was final. Her friends said it would be great; that she would find a new lease on life. However, she found that to be a lie.

She cried too much, slept too much and ate too much. Emily hadn’t exercised in three months and she had gained ten pounds. Wrapping her hair in the towel, she took an extra towel and wiped between her legs. There was a strong, tingling sensation and her knees nearly buckled.

Oh, yeah! And she was horny as hell!

It wasn’t just the sex that she missed, it was having a man to hold onto, to wrap her legs around. Sighing, she wrapped the towel around her, and stepped out into the hall. She tried the bars and dating sites, but nothing worked. Emily had begun to wonder if she was ever going to find someone new. Or, at the very least, someone to fuck.

She was standing in the kitchen, sorting through the mail, when she heard a high-pitched whistle behind her. Turning, she saw her son’s best friend, standing in the doorway to the guest bedroom.

“Graham, what are you doing?!”

“Enjoying the view!” he said, leaning to one side and looking at the backs of her legs. Emily felt the backs of her thighs. She had absentmindedly grabbed a smaller towel and the bottom of her ass cheeks were showing.

“Oh, my God!” she cried, eyeing the healthy erection he was sporting through his boxers.

“Oh, yes!” Graham said, advancing on her. He reached for the towel twisted together between her breasts.

“No, no! You’re my son’s friend…and I’ve never had sex with a black man!” Emily whimpered, while offering little resistance.

“There’s a first time for everything!” he said, staring at her lasciviously and tossing her towel to the side. Emily held onto the edge of the table as Graham sucked her nipples into his mouth. She felt her clit swelling and pussy juices were running down her legs.

“Please, Graham…no!” she whined as he lifted her onto the table. He had spread her legs and was kissing down her belly. She looked down and realized that she hadn’t shaved in quite a while. That was certain to be a turn off for him; he would see the hair and decide to he didn’t want a broad that had a hairy pussy.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time!” Graham said. Emily moaned loudly and fell back onto the table when his tongue ran up and down her moist slit. Looking down, she watched as he focused attention on her throbbing clit. It had been only a matter of minutes and she was ready for his cock!

“Put it inside me! Put your cock inside me!” she pleaded. Graham waited a little while longer. Her clit was caught between his teeth, and her pussy was squeezing his fingers. “Oh, dear god!” she cried when he had pulled down his shorts and was standing between her legs. Laying upon her pussy was the thickest, longest and heaviest cock she had ever laid eyes on.

“Oh, yeah!” he said, teasing her by running his shaft between her lips. Emily held onto the edge of the table; breathing heavily, she waited in anticipation for him to couple with her. Reaching down, she took hold of his shaft, and positioned him at her entrance.

Her eyes went wide and her jaw dropped open as he entered her. His cock was immense and was filling a void that hadn’t been filled in a long time. She looked up at her son’s best friend and found his smile comforting. He knew of the torture she had been through and wanted to give her something good in her life. His hands held the backs of her thighs and he had her legs pushed up as far as they would go.

Emily watched his abs flex with each passing stroke. Her pussy was on the verge of a major orgasm and she mostly whimpered. She kept checking down the hall for her son. He was home from college and this would not be a good welcome home.

“Yes! Oh, yes! Fuck me!” Emily’s back arched as her pussy welcomed its new mate. “Oh, yes! That feels so fucking good!” she growled. Sitting up on her elbows, she watched as his magic phallus disappeared inside of her. Never before had a man, let alone her ex husband, got her to cum this quick. She was bemused to find that only about three-quarters of his cock was inside of her. “Put it all inside me! I want it all!”

She fell back onto the table, her head hitting hard when she felt the discomfort of the head pounding her cervix. Graham was a passionate lover of women. Many women he fucked during his first year of college had never felt the sultry sensations of black cock. He watched as she twisted her body in pleasure and her average sized tits bounced; their bodies came together with a loud, salacious slap.

Emily had forgot to keep an eye out for the hallway. It would be embarrassing for her son to see her naked and fucking his friend, but she was a woman craving the feeling of a man. She was a woman in her mid-thirties who had brought him to life out of wedlock. What was it to him who she had sex with? Graham’s cock had become more rigid and was penetrating deeper.

Maybe her son had heard the slapping of flesh and vicious cries and he elected to stay in his room until they were done.

“Where do you want me to cum?”

“Inside me!” Emily cried. She was mewling like a cat in heat. “Cum inside me! I haven’t felt a man cum in a long time!” Graham let out a primal cry as he emptied his seed deep inside of her. “Holy shit!” Emily pulled Graham down for a kiss. His phallus was slowly losing size. She wrapped her legs around his waist and held him in. Never before had her pussy felt so full.

Moments later, she sat on the back porch, dressed in a robe, her right leg crossed over her left, and smoking a cigarette. She watched through the sliding glass door as her son and his friend were playing a video game. It sounded like WWIII. Her pussy was still twitching. Dialing a friend, she waited for her to pick up.

“Hey, Melanie!” Emily said with a perky tone. “Are you still leading the plyometric class?”

“Yeah. You sound happy! Did you get laid?”

“Yes, I did. I’ll tell you about it later! When is the class today?”

“In an hour.”

“Alright! I will be there!” Stubbing out her half-smoked cigarette, she stood to go back in the house. Graham’s cum was still leaking from her.

It was an excellent thing he would be here all summer long!

The Cathedral Part II

If you missed the first segment…. The Cathedral

As he entered The Cathedral once again he couldn’t help to wonder if this would be awkward for them. He was shocked she agreed to meet him. It was her idea to meet here instead of a bar or her place.

As he sat quietly on that same pew he listened to the rain as both of the cathedral doors were open for anyone who needed shelter for the evening. Yet, he was the only one there listening to the soft carillon and watching the candles flicker slowly.

He heard footsteps approaching and as they got closer he looked up and saw her. How could she be more mesmerizing than before? She wore a black trench coat tied tight around her waist and a large brimmed suede black hat. Her cat like eyes were a bright mint green and she had that same enticing smirk. She slid into the pew close to him and looked straight ahead without saying a word.

He leaned over and pushed her long brown hair over to put his right hand on the back of her neck and whispered “Are you not going to speak to me?” She then opened her purse, grabbed a pen and pulled his left hand into her lap and wrote on the inside of his palm”Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.”

As he read it silently she began to undo her tight knot at her waste and slowly opened the bottom portion of her black coat to reveal she had on black thigh highs with nothing else but six inch heels. She then unbuttoned the top portion of the coat to reveal a long strand of pearls with nothing else. Her right nipple was standing at full attention. His mouth watered as he took it all in.

He then grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the pew and led her upstairs to the cushioned pews where they overlooked the downstairs pews. He sat down on the front pew and positioned her standing in front of him and jerked the coat open at her stomach. He licked his lips as he looked up at her and dove into her naked soft sweet pussy. As he nibbled, sucked, licked, and pulled with his teeth she held onto his head while her legs began to shake. She very quietly moaned and held onto his head as he lapped at her clit. His wicked tongue darted in and out as she lost control and practically collapsed as he caught her. As she regained control of herself she got on all fours facing him. He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants as his thick cock escaped springing forward.

She leaned in and put her chin on the pew and looked up at him with her majestic eyes. He put both hands on both sides of her head gently and pulled it forward and guided her mouth towards his shiny cock. She licked the precum off of it slowly while staring at him. She continued to go very slow teasing him not using either of her hands. He couldn’t get enough of her warm mouth and tongue taking him in slowly and so accurately. He took full advantage of her not using her hands and pushed her mouth up and down on his lengthy slick cock as she sucked and taunted it like it was the only meal she would have for a week.

Finally she came up for air and he then became unhinged. He picked her up with a force and flipped her over before she could object and took his knee and spread her legs from behind on the pew. Her ass was in the air and proportioned just right as he slowly rubbed his cock up and down her ass whispering “I’m going to fuck you senseless and show you what submissive means.” He reached around and put his hand around her throat and the other hand grabbed a fistful of her hair as he mounted her, she gasped as his long thick cock filled her. His cock continued to move in and out so slowly she was grinding trying to get him to accelerate faster but he wouldn’t. He was in control and she was helpless to his large proportioned cock.


As she became more and more submissive allowing him to torture her, he picked up speed and went deeper and deeper into her tight cave as she enveloped him he pushed harder and harder as she began cumming and whispering “Nobody can fuck me like you, nobody.” He whispered in her ear “I’m going to fuck you at least four more times tonight in this cathedral and you’re going to take it ALL aren’t you?” She breathlessly whimpered “Yes! Whatever you want, just fuck me, fuck me harder!”

At that moment he let go and came inside of her fast and intensely.

The Cathedral


He met her so long ago. It must have been fifteen years. He was infatuated with her back then. So much so he had stalked her social media to keep up with her and how her life turned out. From the outside people thought he had it all together….marriage, a child, an incredible career being the CEO of a large company, and the big beautiful home.

There wasn’t one single day he didn’t imagine being with her. She was the type of woman that you always wanted to know what she was thinking in that beautiful mind. There was an uncertainty about her. Nothing about her was average or normal. She was private, hushed, yet triumphant. The strange thing was they met at the catholic church. They were both running late for mass when they both ran into each other outside the church. After saying their quick apologies they tip toed into the cathedral and grabbed a seat.

As they listened that day to the scripture the priest read aloud Timothy 2:11 – 12 “Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man, rather she is to remain quiet.” As they sat next to one another on that dark wood pew in the magnificently sacred cathedral they looked at each other and smirked.

He wrote on his hand with a blue pen “Do you believe that?” She took the pen from his hand and wrote her answer below it “Maybe”.

After mass they had the most amazing fuck in the backseat of his car. It was like nothing he had ever experienced before. It was more than mounting her and hearing her whimper, there was some type of interconnection between the two of them. He had never felt anything like it again.

He had to fuck her again. Had to. Would he be able to persuade her to do it? Or had she been wanting to fuck him again all of these years? How would he reach out to her? Would she be freaked out?

To be continued…..





Better Alone


Numerous times I’ve been hit on by men with the weakest pickup lines.

I did hear a unique one that I’ll never forget…….

“If I were you, I wouldn’t ever leave my bed. I would stay in it fucking myself if looked like you and had that body.”

That was a huge compliment and turn on for me. Too bad he was gay and not hitting on me right?

But…he was onto something. Sometimes we know just what we need. We can fantasize about whoever we want to and fuck whoever we want to when we masturbate. Isn’t that an incredible ability we have?

It’s Saturday night and since I’m not getting any from anyone….I’ll just fuck myself. Now, where will my freaky imagination take me tonight?

The Ending

If you missed the first part of this story: The Beginning

As he rounded the corner to his desk he couldn’t help but wonder if she would give into him tonight. He was taken back when she called him by his name. Hopefully she would scream his name tonight……

When the last person left other than the two of them he could feel a nervousness. What if he was so fucking nervous he couldn’t make a move?

He went up front to drop something in the receptionists basket and there she was. She had her laptop, keys, and a box of paperwork trying to open the door to leave.

Was she trying to sneak out before they could talk? Maybe she isn’t into me?

He grabbed the box and opened the door for her…..

You really don’t have to do this Scott. I could’ve opened the door and held the box. I appreciate you helping me though.

They walked slowly to her car as it was now dark outside and you could see their breath in front of their faces.

No problem, it’s dark out here and there was a robbery two doors down just last week. You don’t need to walk out to your car alone at night.

Such a gentleman you are. What was it you wanted to talk to me about?

By the time she asked the question she had already hit the button to the trunk of her car and he was putting her things in it. He slammed the trunk shut.

He moved in closer to her and put one hand under her hair behind her neck and the other one took her purse and sat it on top of the trunk. He pulled her in and kissed her.

It was as if she was starving. She devoured his kisses and bit his lip a tiny bit. He moved her while continuing to kiss her and back her up to the trunk of the car.

He didn’t want to let go….her mouth tasted like bubblegum and her lips did too. He slowly got on his knees in the dark parking lot and lifted her dress.

He slid her black lace panties to the side and licked her from top to bottom. She held his head and pushed it farther in as he continued to envelope her by sucking every single drop as she gasped.

He stood up and lifted her onto the car and spread her legs as she waited for him to unbuckle his belt she had one finger in her mouth with a devilish grin. He dropped his pants and she gasped again. He was very hard and ready.

“Give me what I’m afraid to ask for Scott. Give me what I deserve.”

He slid inside of her slowly watching her face as she threw her head back and whispered “Oh my God”

She grabbed the lapel of his suit and began grinding on his cock slowly as he slid in and out slowly and accurately.

He picked up the pace quickly pounding her and covering her mouth as she continued to scream and gasp. He pulled her ass closer to the edge of the trunk as his balls slapped and kept thrashing inside of her until he took his hand off of her mouth and pulled her hair and whispered in her hear “I could fuck you all night”. They both tightened their grips on each other and came at the same time gasping, kissing, and now catching their breath.

She whispered “Come back to my place and we’ll finish what we started. I’ll even let you drive.”




The Beginning

He had a thing for her. Every once in a while his dick would grow harder than ever throbbing just by watching her talk to a client.

She had a flirty charm about her that was sweet yet suggestive. She was alluring and he wanted to fuck her in the worst type of way.

He knew he had a gift with women but this one was completely different. She had her own game.

Was he into that kind of thing? Fucking someone at work? Granted, he was a salesman and not her boss and he barely knew her at all. They had exchanged Good Morning’s a time or two but that was it.

He wasn’t sure if he could keep rubbing one off in the shower thinking about her everyday. He wanted the real thing. But, she hadn’t shown any interest in him whatsoever.

He was tired of watching every man gawk at her and make excuses to visit her office.

It had been months since she started working there and he needed to get to know her. She would be a challenge without a doubt.

He gently knocked on her cracked office door and she waved him in. As he began to speak telling her about a new client he was bringing into the firm she applied a pale pink lip gloss to her full lips. He could smell it from the doorway, it smelled like bubblegum.

As he continued to babble on about the client she would nod her head and then stood up and began filing some things while he continued to talk. Did she have any idea how enticing she was?

A short black fitted dress, tights, and black Mary Jane shoes…..he started imagining her pinned against the wall as he got on his knees to devour her with his experienced tongue.

She finally spoke and snapped him back to reality. “Could you excuse me Scott? I have a conference call to take. Maybe we could talk later, I’ll be working late tonight.”

His cock was pulsating, thank god he was holding his laptop in front of it. As he smiled she winked and grabbed the phone to dial into the call.

He slowly walked away and glanced back at her through her office window in the hall as she put her glasses on and licked her lips, he could imagine the things he would do to her.

Possibly to be continued……